Popular Twin Cities Uber Driver Leaked Vikings Schedule 9 Hours Prior to Official Release

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Thursday was NFL schedule release day and fans across the world were celebrating yet another offseason football holiday. In most markets, games were slowly leaked by local insiders throughout the day, leading up to the official release at 7 PM CT.

Twin Cities Uber driver leaks Vikings schedule on Twitter

But for Minnesota Vikings fans who follow the right accounts on Twitter, you knew the entire schedule by brunch, if you’re into in-between meals. How? A mystery Twin Cities Uber driver who goes by @SkolBros on Twitter and @skolbros2 on Instagram.

His first leak of the day came at 6:24 AM CT. Vikings vs Eagles: Week 2 – Thursday Night Football. Packers vs Vikings at US Bank Stadium on New Year’s Eve came next at 6:32 AM CT.

His leaks continued from there. In Vegas on December 10, home vs Tampa Bay in week 1, 49ers at home on Monday Night Football October 23. By 9 AM, over half the Vikings schedule had been leaked and SkolBros accounted for almost every single one. At 10 AM, he tapped on local graphic artist Eli Corbett to just release the entire thing, including which five would be in prime time.

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Nine hours later, the Vikings did released their schedule via drone video that featured Kirk Cousins and Paul Allen, among others. Every game in the exact order that SkolBros reported earlier this morning.

This isn’t the first time SkolBros has proven himself to be one of the biggest and most plugged in NFL insiders on the internet. If you love being on the forefront of Vikings news and rumors, following your local Uber driving insider on Twitter would be a good idea.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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