U of M Cuts Season Ticket Prices in Men’s B-ball and Hockey Significantly

Photo: GopherSports.com
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The fans aren’t showing up and now the University of Minnesota is taking action.

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Some of the details from Joe Christensen at the Star Tribune are pretty incredible. The University will offer season ticket packages as low as $340 ($190 decrease) for the men’s basketball season. You haven’t been able to get that price since 1995-96. There are also 6 other sections, that overlook the court, which will go down from $640-$490.

Those aren’t small decreases…

For the hockey team over at Mariucci, prices have been reduced $100 in 5 sections, compared to last season. In others, they have dropped $200 from 2 seasons ago.

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Mark Coyle pointed to a need to stay competetive with all of the options around the Twin Cities on any given night… which certainly plays into the scenario. But, if you win games, asses will be in the seats.

Pitino needs to have a great spring recruiting season (more on that later) to make sure he wins in 2019-20. Amir Coffey sticking around for his senior season will help the cause too, if his NBA prospect isn’t as high as he hopes. As far as hockey is concerned, they have Bob Motzko so they’ll be fine. And when they start winning, the fans will come back. 

As an SCSU alum and fan, I know Bob will lead the Gophers to the promise land….. and I know a good Gopher team is good for all of Minnesota hockey… even if I hate maroon and gold sweaters.

On the bright side of all of this, if you’re a die-hard who’s been waiting for that season ticket deal you can’t turn down, your patience may have paid off.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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