Tyreek Hill Weighs in on Cooper DeJean Invalid Fair Catch vs Minnesota

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The Minnesota Gophers defeated the Iowa Hawkeyes last weekend at Kinnick Stadium, for the first time since 1999, but all the college football world wants to talk about is the punt return by Cooper DeJean that never happened.

Tyreek Hill weighs in on Cooper DeJean invalid fair catch

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Especially Hawkeye fans, whose delusion has reached levels of such insanity that they literally refuse to accept or understand the difference between an invalid and valid fair catch. But one of football’s most electric talents has weighed in on the topic and, surprise, he confirmed the obvious.

Cooper DeJean called “PETER” and waved off the 4th quarter noncontroversial punt last weekend and, by rule, the ball was immediately dead when he touched it.

Time to move on…

You’d think Hill’s words of wisdom on this topic would convince Invalid Punt Return deniers of what most of us already know. Referees in the Iowa vs Minnesota game made the correct call on Saturday, for once.

PJ Fleck’s Gophers, whether the Iowa fanbase can do the same or not, must turn the page on what happened last weekend and focus on a contest this weekend vs the Michigan State Spartans that is of equal importance.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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