Twins Sign Two “Non-Impact” Starting Pitchers Homer Bailey and Rich Hill

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This one is fresh off the Twitter press, fam! The Minnesota Twins have finally jumped head, feet, ass….. actually they are still dry-first into the free agency pool. 33-year-old Homer Bailey and 39-year-old Rich Hill are now starting pitchers for the Minnesota Twins, according to sources through Dan Hayes of The Athletic.

Unfortunately for Twins fans who want to win playoff games… these moves hopefully will not matter. Homer Bailey is a 5th-ish starter, who hopefully won’t see the mound to start a playoff game. Rich Hill, on the other hand, has been REALLY good even though he could be living in a Seniors Home during the offseason. Also, he’s out for the first two months dealing with an injury… which makes sense being he is an old man and that’s what happens. His wife is also a firecracker who likes to get arrested and kicked out of football stadiums.

I don’t want to jump to conclusions and say this is all the Twins front office will do with the starting rotation for 2020. I really hope these are depth moves, knowing you’ll need plenty of that as you grind through a 162-game season. I’m not even going to go down the road to the contrary……….. I'[m just going to pray this isn’t it.

Because, Homer Bailey and Rich Hill definitely are not it, fam.

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Homer Bailey Career Stats (via Baseball-Reference)

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Rich Hill Career Stats (via Baseball-Reference)

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Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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