Twins Reportedly “Looking Into” What Giants Knew (or Should Have Known) About Dyson Injury Before Trade

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It’s been a long fucking day, mostly full of nothing but technical difficulties with this new Live-Streamed YouTube show we are launching…. anyway, I missed this news and wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry, when I did see it just now.

Crying was the right choice because the more I was dwelling on it, the more irritated I was getting. How the fuck was there not something shady going on with that deal? Dyson had been hurt for YEARS. He fucking admits it! These are professional organizations and the San Francisco Giants are one of the better ones. You can’t convince me their training staff had no idea what was going on.

Sam Dyson should feel like an asshole too. Everyone knew he was on the trading block. What kind of possessed soul doesn’t disclose an injury when he’s nearly guaranteed to be traded to a new team? Dyson is a Ginger, though and the Ginger race is said to be soul-less…. so maybe this isn’t on the Giants. Maybe this is just another layer of our Minnesota curse. I can’t rule that out either.

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The Twins had looked into whether either the Giants or Dyson should have known and/or informed them there was a possible injury issue, sources have confirmed.

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It looks like the Twins are at least curious as to how they got fucked over so badly in this deadline deal. I’ve seen reports out of both the Star Tribune (above) and Darren Wolfson, that say the Twins have/are “looking into” what the Giants might have known or what they should have known about Dyson’s injury. As Wolfson says, it’s unlikely the inquiry gets anywhere because it would be a difficult thing to prove.

So, I’ll just speculate. They knew. They had to.

What assholes.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

Then, I started looking for an image to attach to this post and found out EVERYTHING we needed to know about him. How did we trade for this guy? Lol, it had to be a black fucking cat too. Why not just break some mirrors in the plane on your way here too? Maybe walk under a couple of ladders as you move from the parking lot to the ballpark…? Come on.

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