Twins Beat Writer Dan Hayes Wins KFAN Preposterous Statement Tournament with HOF Entry

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Every year in March, hundreds of thousands… ok maybe 13-14 hundred people come together for a Minnesota spring tradition like no other. The KFAN Preposterous Statement Tournament, hosted on 100.3 FM by “The Common Man” Dan Cole and his interim-producer, Brandon Mileski, is in its VVIII’s year of collecting all of the ridiculous sports takes uttered by (mostly local but some national) celebrity-types throughout each year.

Then during March Madness, they run a 64-statement bracket where KFAN listeners vote on their favorites in a head-to-head style tournament. Some of the statements they’ve collected over the years are so ridiculous that you wonder what goes through someone’s mind when a microphone is put in front of their face. This year’s winner came via Dan Hayes of The Athletic and should immediately be inducted into the PST HOF (which is a thing… kind of).

The Statement

Hayes was on the radio giving an interview about the upcoming Twins training camp, which was used to prep players for the MLB restart last season after league play was originally postponed due to COVID-19.

“How do you get a position player ready to stand for 9 innings in the outfield? That takes a little time to build up.”

You really have to respect the absurdity of this statement, which is why it won. Baseball players sit for approximately half of a 3-hour baseball game. The rest of the physical exertion involves A LOT of standing (as Hayes referenced), jogging and maybe a few sprints that last a few seconds each.

Out of all the sports followed by major sports fans in the USA, baseball takes the least amount of physical activity.

Campaigning for victory

Hayes has been on Twitter all month trying to will himself to this iconic victory and the hard work has obviously paid off. I would reach out and ask him for a statement on this high honor but Dan and I are still recovering from our own Twitter misunderstanding that took place this morning.

But he will be on KFAN Radio (100.3 FM) tomorrow at 1:45 PM to talk about his PST Tournament victory and he’s already taken to Twitter to celebrate too. Enjoy the moment, Dan. Soak it up. You’re living the local celebrity dream today.

If you were looking for an early favorite that you can lock in good odds for in the 2022 PST, look no further than Golden State Warriors head coach, Steve Kerr.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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