Twins Banned from Canada After Abusing Blue Jays 20-1 During Series Sweep

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I tried to warn the Blue Jays last weekend, that if the Twins lost the series they were playing to the Yankees, at that time, Toronto was in big fucking trouble. The 2019 Minnesota Twins HATE losing, especially a series in New York.

And holy Canada… was I right.. First, there were games one and two from Monday and Tuesday. Martin Perez and Jose Berrios + the Twins offense combined for an 11-0 score over 18 innings and they had the Blue Jays wondering if boycotting baseball would have been the better early week option..

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But sweeping a team in the MLB isn’t easy so the Twins had probably thought they had a tough and difficult task ahead of them tonight. I mean hell, the law of averages says the game would have to at least be close… that Toronto might put a few runs on the board…

Well, not really. They did get one, which is one more than they had the first two night combined… The Twins, though… they didn’t have any problems once again.

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It was a good start to the week, in Toronto. But, it’s just the first 3 games of a stretch that includes 20-straight games vs teams that didn’t make the postseason last year. That means, by the time we start discussing the All-Star rosters, the Twins have a chance to build a gap between themselves and Cleveland that would be hard to kick a rock across.

Cleveland was able to sneak a W in tonight, between all of their recent L’s, so the gap between the two teams remains 4 games until tomorrow…

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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