Todd McShay Mock 3.0 Lands Another Diggs in Minnesota…

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It’s been quite the rollercoaster ‘19-‘20 for Vikings fans and Stefon Diggs. He was requesting trades and calling in “sick” early in the season… Since the season ended, it’s been his cryptic social media posts that have had Vikings’ fans scratching their heads in concern.

But instead of eliminating a Diggs from the Minnesota Vikings roster… what if we add one? Todd McShay, your thoughts?

Todd McShay 2020 Mock Draft 3.0 – ESPN

There isn’t just smoke, with Trevon Diggs to the Vikings… We are going to need defensive backs when the 2020 offseason purge is completed. Like McShay mentions, our secondary could look completely different. We are in jeopardy of losing FIVE defensive backs, who are major pieces to our puzzle on that side of the ball (Rhodes, Waynes, Alexander, Harris, Kearse).

The Vikings met with Trevon at the combine too, and clearly have interest.

I’d love this move. I want 1st round picks that are VERY likely to end up as better-than-serviceable players, early. Bringing Trevon into the Vikings locker room, to be mentored by Stefon, might be a no-miss scenario, on the field. Trevon has all of the tools to be a great defensive back and if you put him in that environment, and under the tutelage of Mike Zimmer…. good things will happen.

It might also (hopefully) force Stefon to grow up a little bit. With his younger brother in town, I’d hope his big brother instincts would kick in, and we’d see a more mature Stefon, for 2020-21. That’s almost just as important as bringing in another good defensive back.

As we saw at the combine (video below), the Diggs brothers are extremely close. I do worry a bit about how Stefon will take it, if Trevon is still on the board at 25, and the Vikings pick someone else.

In any other scenario involving two brothers in the NFL, “it’s just business”, would be the running theme from all parties, no matter the outcome. Nobody would be mad because, just getting to the NFL is impossible…. ending up on the same team as your brother isn’t even on your radar.

But the Diggs’ brothers aren’t logical when it comes to this sort of shit. You know Stefon would feel slighted, and you know we’d see cryptic social media posts that would send fans into another spiral of doubt.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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