The Slump-Buster Spielman Needed; Rashod Hill Re-Signs with the Vikings

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It’s true. The Vikings actually re-signed someone. This tweet from his agent confirms it. I know… I’m as surprised as you. Rashod Hill played in 15 games for the Vikings in 2019… but only started one.

So, is the Hill signing significant? Ummmm…… kind of? We needed to stop the negative momentum. I guess Rashod Hill is the Vikings offseason slump-buster. Spielman was on a losing streak that continued today, when Everson Griffen decided he wasn’t coming back.

Sometimes, it isn’t about finding the most attractive in the room. I’ve seen the bottom of the barrel scraped when absolutely necessary. Whatever it takes to kill that losing streak.

And Rashod is better than that. He’s a decent swing tackle, who provides good depth. Any good… or average (in the Vikings case, bad) offensive line needs a Rashod Hill.

In fact, I’d take a Rashod Hill-caliber slump buster any day of the week. Now, lets see if Rick can work any miracles with what remains of the cap (pretty much nothing).

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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