Thad Levine Non-Committal When Pressed Over Jorge Polanco’s Hold on Shortstop


The bottom-right corner of my laptop tells me it is January 25. This article from the Star Tribune tells me Minnesota Twins’ pitchers and catchers will report to Fort Myers, FL on February 18 and will play their first spring training game vs the Tampa Bay Rays nine days later, Feb. 27.

But for those who know important people within the Twins organization, the opinion is pretty universal. Falvey and Levine are far from done making moves this offseason.

Darren Wolfson (KSTP, SKOR North) is one of those insiders and he did an interview with Twins GM Thad Levine recently, that hasn’t been released yet in full. He did post an intriguing preview clip on Twitter Monday morning, however.

The topic of the 1:44 clip was Jorge Polanco’s hold on shortstop. Doogie asked Thad straight up; “Is Jorge Polanco your Opening Day shortstop?” The Twins GM walked wandering circles around the very direct question, but left juicy breadcrumbs throughout his journey…

I can’t wait to see/listen to the rest of this interview. Wolfson said he hopes to release it in full later today. I will add a link to it right here when it becomes available.

New shortstop incoming?

There have been very legitimate reports (via Ken Rosenthal) linking the Minnesota Twins to available shortstops, both via the trade and free agency rumor mills. This clip obviously confirms those reports, not that anyone doubted them.

How big will Falvine swing? Are we going to see a blockbuster trade for Trevor Story or ANOTHER big name signed out of the free agency pool or will we see another underwhelming signing like what happened with JA Happ at starting pitcher?

It’s hard to believe the Twins can find Polanco’s replacement with any type of underwhelming move. But still, old school Twins’ fans would tell you another splash signing isn’t possible after splurging on Josh Donaldson last offseason on a deal that hasn’t been fruitful so far.

I don’t know. If Thad Levine isn’t shopping for a new shortstop, then he’s developed a weird fetish for hurting the feelings of Jorge Polanco. There’s no other reason for Thad to walk around this question the way he did.

If Polanco is in a Minnesota Twins uniform on Opening Day, Thad Levine seems determined to be sure the lineup card doesn’t have “SS” written next to his name.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan