Teddy Bridgewater Returns

The incredible story of Teddy Bridgewater coming back from one of the worst NFL knee injuries of all time, continued its Cinderella-like rise today, when #5 returned to the practice field to join his teammates for the first time in 14 months. Teddy was cleared by doctors on Monday morning and finally took the field Wednesday.

Mike Zimmer cautioned fans and the media from getting too excited about his return, reiterating his timeline is still open and that Teddy “still has a way to go” in his return.

What the F does that mean? Zimmer has continued to claim he knows less than everyone else on the Teddy timeline. He has cautioned patience by the team, fans, and media, on his return. He has given answers as bland as white bread when asked about Teddy.

Here is where I’m at on the situation:

I don’t believe a word Zimmer says about Teddy. He has played it the same way the whole time and if you took him at his word over the last 6 months, he might not even know Teddy is on the roster.

The truth is, Zimmer loves Teddy. I have no evidence of this but if I’m wrong then I’m questioning Zimmer as a leader and coach. He knows exactly where Teddy is and what the plan is IF things go well and IF they don’t go as well. I believe Zimmer has all the answers but isn’t going to give them to us. He has a great pulse on where his team is. He isn’t stupid.

Since Zimmer won’t talk to us. I want to look at the facts:

Ian Rapoport told us that Teddy will be eligible for Free Agency this offseason if he can make it off the PUP list and on the active roster by Nov. 8.

Teddy has maintained that he is ready to go. If the rust shakes off and he is ready, I expect him to play. If Ian Rapoport’s sources are telling the truth, then Teddy is on his way to a BIG pay raise if he can can prove his health. Even more if he can prove his worth as a starter (NFL Starter $ ~ $15-30M). Not playing loses him all that and tolls his current contract over to next year at just $1.35 Million. If Teddy is a human, he is going to want that money.

The Vikings need a QB for next year and the future. They will want to see if Teddy can be that, especially if they are letting him hit free agency at season-end. Keenum isn’t the future and neither is Bradford. Bradford has already proven the status of his knees. Again, if Teddy is healthy and ready to go, you get 6 weeks to find out if he can be your guy for the future. Someone is going to pay him, if he is healthy and shows any chance of coming back as a legitimate NFL starter

Teddy obviously feels like he is ready to come back. It’s everyone else that says he won’t be ready. Maybe we should start taking Teddy at his word. The few who have are being proven right with every big Teddy-related announcement.

Here are more videos of Teddy at practice on Wednesday.

Eric Strack
Minnesota Sports Fan @RealMNSportsFan

Photo: Vikings.com

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