TCF Bank Stadium Will Take New Huntington Name

The Minnesota Gophers Football team has played at TCF Bank Stadium since its inception in 2009. They last played there on November 20 and, outside of winning vs Purdue, it was just another “normal” 2020 home-game without fans.

Then, they were struck by “the invisible enemy”, closing down TCF and their other facilities for two weeks. The cancellations included one last home game vs Northwestern and left only road games at Nebraska and Wisconsin on the 2020-21 schedule.

Monday, we found out the victory over Purdue will be the last game played at TCF Bank Stadium… ever. Sunday, it was announced TCF Financial sold-out to Huntington Bank, an Ohio-based company, who will phase out the TCF brand.

That will include the football stadium at the University of Minnesota, which will (probably) become “Huntington Bank Stadium” by next season (per the Star Tribune).

“It will become Huntington over time,” Steve Steinour, CEO of Huntington,¬†told the Star Tribune¬†regarding the stadium’s name. “We run with a single brand. But we want to be sensitive to the history and the legacy of TCF, and the stadium, so there’s work we’ll have to do with the university and other interested parties.”

Star Tribune

TCF Bank was paying the University of Minnesota $35 million through 2030 to have their name on the football stadium. Huntington will now cut that check. Sometime in 2021, all TCF banks will become Huntington banks too.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan