Steph Curry + Minnehaha Academy: The Outfit that Won the Super Bowl

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

When someone says there’s no such thing as over-exposure, they obviously haven’t spent a winter in Minnesota. That saying is false. You over-expose your skin during cold streaks here and mother nature will laugh while said skin loses all feeling, turns black, and falls off.

Fortunately, for my fellow proud — potentially passive-aggressive — Land of 10,000 Lakes’ residents; our state’s recent publicity spike, created by Super Bowl LII, seemed to be immensely positive (no reported skin falling off).

Outside of frigid temperatures and the background checks (or lack thereof) for some security guards, hosting the big game went as smoothly as anyone could have hoped.

When it comes to the publicity arena, Stephen Curry is all the time, what Minnesota was during Super Bowl week. But, not even the most-educated marketing brains could have seen the combination the 2x NBA MVP would rock while visiting America’s greatest state (I’m talking about us, MN) for the country’s largest sporting event.

Minnehaha Academy, located in Mendota Heights, had indication that Steph would be sporting the Redhawks apparel well before kickoff. A tweet from the School’s official Twitter account, from just before 4:30 PM CST on Sunday, suggested Curry would be supporting the private, Christian based school.

I spoke with Minnehaha Academy’s Executive Director of Institutional Advancement, Sara Jacobson, on Monday, and she said the school was “proud and pleased to be represented by such a great athlete, on such a national stage.”

Good looking out, Steph. As you can see, Minnehaha Academy appreciates the gesture.

Just think of what we could have been if David Kahn wasn’t such a …. never mind.

But, the question still remained: why was Curry wearing the apparel of Minnesota’s own, Minnehaha Academy, during Sunday’s contest?

The method behind Steph’s clothing madness isn’t quite as intricate as his pregame ritual. The Chef mixed in one of his personal contacts to cook up his unique shoutout to Minnesota. In regards to who exactly Curry’s contact is, with ties to Redhawks? The Mendota Heights-based school is leaving it as it was described in this tweet. Plain and simple: The greatest shooter of all time is good friends with the spouse of a Minnehaha Academy alum.

With the school expanding no further on that realm, neither will I. As of February 5th, 2018, I’m a HUGE Redhawk fan. Their willingness to take time out of what is already the most dreaded work-Monday of the year, in order to talk to the over-caffeinated — Stephen Curry-loving — blogger, sold me.

Hey, Minnehaha Academy – I’m sorry it took this long for me to come around. You can blame the delay on my wonderful mother. For any new moms out there, don’t make the same mistake mine did. For the sake of your child’s future, stay woke:

To show off my new-found support for the Redhawks, it would seem appropriate that I go get myself one of those sweatshirts. If you too want the gear the pros wear, click here: Minnehaha Academy Bookstore Information.

As we saw a few months ago, hoodies that are associated with the State of Minnesota are prone to becoming huge fashion trends. So, get ’em while they’re still available. (Take note: chat with Johnny Minnesota = free plugs for you and your team — My DM’s are open)….. actually, this was an editor’s note. Johnny doesn’t talk in the 3rd person. He’d be cooler if he did, though:

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