St. Thomas Lucky to be Kicked Out of Flaccid MIAC

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Wow… when I heard about the MIAC unrest awhile back, I thought it was something that would end up blowing over. I mean.. it’s not that surprising in today’s landscape, with colleges and highschools swapping conferences on the regular, so maybe I shouldn’t have been.. But the way this “realignment” took place, every party involved should be embarrased.

There are all sorts of details I’m missing and you can read those somewhere else. I’m just a stupid kid who took 6 years to make it through an online (very much public) St. Cloud State University bachelor’s degree… I have just as much college debt as a private school kid, who had to pay his/her own way though… mine just didn’t all go toward tuition. (Spring Breaks and Good Times ’09 don’t pay for themselves)

But enough about my common upbringing. Let’s bash some rich people.

Here is why St. Thomas got kicked out of the MIAC:

This just screams about what’s wrong with the time we are currently living in. Don’t get me wrong, we already have insta-pots and self-driving cars, so a lot about the time we live in is fucking awesome… but this isn’t one of them.

St. Thomas has been *mostly dominating the MIAC for the last 20-ish years in the sports that matter. Sorry, men’s swimming or women’s soccer… nobody cares. When you look at football, the domination hasn’t even been that real… If I’m St. Johns, I’m worried my snowman friend, Olaf is coming for me next… The REAL domination has been in basketball. The women’s side has gone about the same way.

“Ohhhhhh, they’re too big we can’t hang with them…” STOP. Yes you can. You can see in the pictures above that St. Johns is doing just fine. If you have lesser teams at the bottom of the conference that want to drop down and play some shitty level of division III football then let them go and ruin their schools.

That’s their problem. Find schools who want to challenge you, not drag you down. You should always strive for excellence and St. Thomas has been the captain of the excellence plane for the last decade+. Now what? Who is going to push St. Johns now in football? Or the other schools in other sports? Nobody. But, that’s what the Snowmen want right?

I just have to laugh at this shit. St. Olaf the Snowman decided back in the 50’s or whatever, that they wanted to be into arts and singing and drama and shit that doesn’t make you money. That’s fine. Do what you want. But now, that’s a Tommy problem? But hey, I can’t wait to watch the Tommies vs the Snowmen this season…

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The grass isn’t always greener but it will be for St. Thomas. They don’t want anything to do with this limp joke of a conference. If I were St. Johns, I’d get out before they start dragging me down too. Lol… “you win too much”… hilarious.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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