Sergio Romo K’s Side; Tells Royals Dugout to “Keep Talking”… What a Legend.

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All Sergio Romo has done since arriving in Minnesota and putting on a Twins uniform, is run his mouth constantly and mow down hitters whenever he takes the mound. He both pitches and talks at a professional level. The heavily bearded Romo took the mound tonight, to close out the Kansas City Royals in game 3 of a 4-game set, and looked dominant per usual..

After he struck out the side and secured a 4-2 victory, Sergio did his usual pointing and screaming to the sky, in celebration. At this point in his career, most around the MLB are used to the way Romo celebrates and expresses emotion.

There was a little extra to this one, though… if you watch (or listen) closely.

Can we pause for a moment and bow our heads in respect and admiration toward Sergio Romo? This man deserves our absolute respect. I can’t believe we landed such a treasure. He walks the walk and talks the talk.

WTF Actually Happened?

According to Royals manager, Mike Matheny, the away bench was chirping to the umpire about low strike calls. They didn’t mean to direct those complaints toward Romo but, without fans in the stands, they don’t fall on deaf ears on the mound.

For anyone who still plays a sport at any competitive level, this will sound familiar. Whenever an ump or referee is being chirped by the other team for a call that benefited you, there is a natural urge to defend them, especially if you think their call was correct.

Matheny seems to think Romo was mistaking their chirping for something that was directed at him. In reality, he probably knew what was happening but didn’t care. ‘Stop begging and swing the bat’ (is what I would have been thinking).

No matter Romo’s understanding of the situation or what the outcome was, a Minnesota Twins hitter will pay for this with a fastball to the ribcage tomorrow. The questions after that: Who will it be? Will we see any benches clear? If benches do clear, will we see bullpen pitchers sprint toward the infield for the greatest 100-yd dash in sports?

Above all, would the bench-clearing altercation include social distancing?

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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