This SBLII Fan Witnessed the Destruction of U.S. Bank Stadium Seats

Twitter: @ZakFick

Twitter: @ZakFick

The Philadelphia Eagles’ fan base is currently celebrating their victory in Super Bowl LII.

Ever since Sunday evening, videos documenting the City of Brotherly Love’s riot environment have been making the rounds. As Minnesota Sports Fan’s montage below shows, that shit was chaotic:


Now, it ‘s been revealed that some supporters of the Super Bowl Champs, who were at the big game, had degenerate mindsets of their own. Rather than eat animal feces like one of their peers back home, they busted up and removed seat(s) from U.S. Bank Stadium:

WTF, TSA? How did you miss this one?

If the man with the purple plastic surrounding his luggage didn’t stand out enough, it was reported that rat-boy was drunk as hell. I know the TSA have bigger fish to fry, but still. This proverbial fish cleaned itself and jumped right into the frying pan. In the event someone attempts to run off with something like this in the future, they need to eat up.

A video of the man, who is wearing Eagles apparel and what appears to be some sort of Super Bowl credentials, was released by Barstool Sports:

Zak Fick, a member of Skol Nation, who resides in South Dakota, was in attendance for Sunday’s contest. During postgame ceremonies, the Carson Wentz fan heard cracking noises and noticed Eagles’ fans, a section over, destroying U.S. Bank Stadium seats. Zak shared documentation of the damage in a Twitter post:

Johnny Investigates:

Below is my quick Q & A with Zak (@ZakFick):

Please Note: As Zak indicates in the interview; whether or not the destruction he witnessed, involved the man who left the stadium with parts of a chair in the above Barstool video, isn’t confirmed. I’ll let you read what Zak said below and let you make your own judgements. I sure as hell did.

Q: Approximately how long after the Hail Mary fell incomplete did you notice the Eagles’ fans destroying the seats?

Q: When you noticed what was occurring, how did you react? Was it evident their end goal was to keep U.S. Bank Stadium’s property?

Q: It’s been reported that you tried catch up with the culprits. Outside of getting to the scene of the crime to find missing chairs, is there anymore to that aspect of this scenario?

Q: Regardless, as a member of Skol Nation and an anti-vandalism advocate, I appreciate the passion. In an attempt to return the favor, if you wish to add anything (plug a business, Carson Wentz shout-out, thank your photography teacher, or anything else) the floor is yours:

Look at Zak with the hat trick: Recognizes the Eagles fans with positive intentions, shows appreciation for the Vikings players and staff, and gives a shout-out to 84. I love it.

If you find yourself wondering how you may be able to help recognize Randy’s HOF induction, even though the weekend is over, feel free to take this approach:

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