Riley Reiff Gets Contract Ultimatum From Vikings and Says Goodbye to Teammates

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Riley Reiff entered this week as the undisputed starting left tackle for the Minnesota Vikings but a lot can change in just 24 hours. It has been reported from everyone who covers the Vikings, that Reiff has been given an ultimatum by Rick Spielman. Take a contract restructure or you’ll be looking for a new employer.

Ultimatums Lead to Tampering

This sudden restructure request seems like a direct consequence of yesterday’s blockbuster trade, to acquire Yannick Ngakoue. That trade was just officially announced by both teams in the last hour.

The ball reportedly sits in Riley Reiff’s court. Does he want to be a “team player” or does he want his payday? Well, a payday isn’t guaranteed if he opts to hit the free agency market, especially this late into training camp.

According to, Reiff told teammates that he will be getting cut, leaving us to believe he will choose a new team. Florio doesn’t believe that means it’s all over between the Vikings and Reiff, though. This could simply be a posturing tactic for the inevitable restructure meeting.

Some call it tampering and others call it tampering, but Reiff and his agent are currently talking to other teams about what Riley is worth to other teams, before they decide to cut ties with the Minnesota Vikings.

Behind the scenes, Reiff’s agent will gauge the market before making a final decision. Although it’s tampering for another team to tell Reiff’s agent what Reiff would be paid if he suddenly becomes available, it happens all the time.

Mike Florio – Pro Football Talk

You Don’t Trust Oli Udoh and You Know It

I really hope Reiff’s research reveals the Vikings’ restructured offer as competitive vs the market. That’s the only way he comes back to the negotiating table. I’m seeing all sorts of Reiff hate floating around Twitter right now but people quickly forget how bad the Minnesota Vikings offensive line has been and the lack of improvements they made this offseason.

It would be great if Ezra Cleveland was ready to take over and anchor the left side for the next 15 years but he isn’t even the guy who would reportedly take Reiff’s place on the line. Without Riley Reiff at practice yesterday, O’Neil moved from RT to LT and Oli Udoh got the starting reps on the right side.

Please Stay.

Udoh is a young talent that a lot of people seem excited about… but nobody is going to look me in the face and tell me they feel comfortable replacing Riley Reiff with Oli Udoh. Reiff was the 2nd best O-lineman on this team last season and one of few competent blockers the Vikings put on the field.

Reiff might not be worth what the Vikings were scheduled to pay him. So if this ultimatum works out, it plays to Spielman and Brzezinski’s genius. But if it doesn’t, and one of our only proven offensive lineman walks because of Zimmer’s obsession for edge rushers, then this team may have gotten cumulatively worse over the last 2 days.

So I have a plea for Riley Reiff, if he is reading this. We love you. Just not $13 million worth. So, why don’t you stay….

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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