Resting Byron Buxton Fresh Off All-Star Break Makes Zero Logical Sense

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Rocco Baldelli and this Falvine-led Minnesota Twins organization have become notorious for questionable lineup/roster decisions. And Saturday, fresh out of the All-Star break, was no exception. First, it was announced that two pitchers thought to be healthy entering the break, Josh Winder and Caleb Thielbar, were going on the Injured List.

Then, today’s lineup (@ Detroit – 5:10PM) was released and Byron Buxton wasn’t in it. Yes, Buck played 5 innings during the All-Star game on Tuesday (1-2 w/HR), but he’s also had four (Mon, Wed, Thur, Fri) of the last five days off. Not only that, but the Twins have Monday off too.

What is happening?

This decision is completely dumbfounding, unless there’s something we haven’t been told yet. Out of all the days to give a day off, today seemed like the most unlikely.

There is no logical explanation for why Byron Buxton would not be in today’s starting lineup and Twins media won’t even acknowledge that it’s happened. Meaning, they’re trying to find out. Had Minnesota returned to play on Thursday, maybe even Friday like most teams, this lineup would raise eyebrows, but not cause controversy.

Buxton’s absence in tonight’s lineup, however, is such a wild pitch that I’m left to wonder if something else is wrong. Did he wake up this morning not feeling well or to unexpected knee inflammation? Did he get hurt during the All-Star game? Those explanations would make more sense than a rest day.

Baldelli speaks with beat reporters before each game so we should get an explanation sooner, rather than later. But I just cannot imagine a situation where he calls this “a scheduled rest day” and keeps a straight face. But maybe (hopefully?) I’m wrong…

Update (2:50 PM):

As theorised, there was more to Byron Buxton’s absence. Following his All-Star game appearance last week, Buxton got a platelet rich injection (PRP) in his knee. He’ll be out for the 2-game Brewers series.

Little things matter and the Twins organization, as it should, chooses to focus on a lot of details surrounding the professional baseball operation. So why would news on Buxton’s procedure come out now and not days ago?

With sports gambling becoming more prevalent in this country, every month that goes by, the MLB should not allow this sort of thing to happen. Fans attend games wanting to see their favorite players and gamblers make bets with the assumption that certain players will impact the game. It’s just unnecessary.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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