Remember That Time Iowa Fans Tore Down the Metrodome Goalposts?

In 2002 the Hawkeyes came to the Dome and took the goalposts back with them when they left.

With the Gophers going up against the Iowa Hawkeyes Saturday, for the Floyd of Rosedale trophy, I was cruising around the inter-webs looking at old games and reading previews etc.

Then, I ran into something that had slipped my mind for a while.

Remember, in 2002, when the Hawkeyes came to the Dome and beat the Gophers to take the B1G Title? Not the game. Iowa has beaten the Gophers plenty of times. Do you remember what happened after the game? Although not as bad as our neighbors to the east, our neighbors to the south can be pretty shameful at times. Nonetheless, I’m not very proud that Minnesota fans let this happen. I would sure hope, with Gopher games now on campus, that students wouldn’t allow a rival fan base take over their field and disgrace their school like this now.

But that’s exactly what the Hawkeye fans did back then. It’s pretty gross. You can watch a full highlight first or skip right to the tear down below it. ESPN’s music adds to it a bit. They didn’t plan an exit though….

The Gophers are going to Iowa on Saturday night. Even if the fans at Kinnick Stadium allowed this to happen with a Gophers win (which they wouldn’t) Minnesota fans have a lot more class than this. But, if we did tear down a goalpost, we would be smart enough to have an exit plan afterward.

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Eric Strack
Minnesota Sports Fan @RealMNSportsFan

Photo: Pioneer Press

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