Reggie Lynch Hires Familiar Local Attorney as 3rd Accuser from April/May ’16 Comes Forward

Reggie Lynch poses for photographs as the University of Minnesota Golden Gophers Men's Basketball team held their media day in Minneapolis, Tuesday, October 25, 2016. (Pioneer Press: Scott Takushi)

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More troubling allegations came against Reggie Lynch last week, that we hadn’t heard about before today. It looks like Reggie Lynch is facing a 3rd sexual assault allegation and this one comes with an expulsion recommendation from the EOAA, not just a suspension, like the alleged assault broken earlier this week (see below). All three of his alleged assaults took place from the time of April-May of 2016. Reggie wasn’t playing yet for the Gophers as he was sitting out his year of ineligibility after transferring from Illinois State.

Reggie Lynch seems to have a reputation of this sort of thing. Even we here at Minnesota Sports Fan have heard some rumbles that are troubling. But, that’s not the only interesting thing unfolding.

First, why didn’t we hear about this other report earlier this week, along with the other one (below). According to what’s being reported today, this 3rd total recommendation by the EOAA was decided the same day as the earlier recommended suspension. So, why now? It looks like we will have to wait for that answer.

Second, It looks like Reggie has brought on another attorney. Ryan Pacyga is the same attorney who represented the Gopher Football players when they were handling their own allegations/charges in 2016. Pacyga released this statement on Twitter earlier today:

Third, Lynch remains on the basketball team. He isn’t able to play but both Pitino and Coyle have confirmed that Reggie is still on, and able to practice with, the team. Lynch is a Senior and in his last year of eligibility.

These are very serious allegations. It will be very interesting to see what Pacyga has to say tomorrow in his press conference. I will also be keeping an eye on any statements or reactions by the University. Reggie Lynch is still on this basketball team which is really the only thing making anyone question where this is going. You’d think Coyle and Pitino would be happy to wash themselves of Lynch if they knew where this was going… Let’s not forget about the IMPECCABLE record/history Mark Coyle had when the Gophers hired him in 2016.

Again, these are scary and serious allegations. No person should go through something like sexual assault and it happens way too often. Even once is disgusting. I have a beautiful 6-year-old daughter and can’t even imagine the anger and sadness I’d feel just as a father…

However, we need to watch this closely and react as facts come out. There are way too many who will jump to one end or another. That’s scary too. We will not.

We’ll be back to update this tomorrow after Pacyga’s press conference at 1 PM CT, according to his tweets above.

(You can read about the allegations and recommended suspension from earlier this week, below, as this is a continuance of that story)

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There was no need for an introduction on this one. It’s straight to the point on these ugly, bigger-than-sport, stories.

It was announced late Thursday night that Gophers center Reggie Lynch is facing suspension from the school and team until 2020. The accuser points to an April 2016 night in Reggie’s dorm room, where she is accusing Lynch of sexual assault. Both the Star Tribune and the Pioneer Press are reporting that the only investigating body currently looking into the matter is the EOAA. Because there wasn’t a police investigation, there was no suspension previously, unlike an issue he’s already dealt with.

Lynch has the option to appeal the suspension. It looks like he will stay on the floor if an appeal is filed. If not, the ruling, that entails no “University events” will go into effect on Tuesday. The circumstance in question occurred in Reggie Lynch’s dorm room. The victim is 20 years-old, and from a different school. There are no further details currently available as to what exactly occurred between the two. As of early Friday, neither the victim nor Lynch’s lawyer have issued statements. Richard Pitino is scheduled to meet with the media late Friday morning.

The over two and a half-year suspension is a recommendation from the U of M’s Office for Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action (EOAA). Currently, there is no police investigation into the matter.

This isn’t the first time Lynch has run into this exact issue. He was cleared of similar charges in an alleged incident that took place just a month after (May 2016) this accuser alleges. In this previous incident there were criminal charges filed, and Lynch was arrested, but was never charged and the EOAA cleared him after deciding it was “more likely than not” that Lynch believed the sex was consensual. 

As for the actual hoop side of things, at this stage, they seem miniscule. The result on the court from missing him, if that’s the outcome, would be anything but. You don’t lose the reigning Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year mid-season, and perform like nothing has changed.

I mentioned earlier that Lynch has until January 9th to appeal. If an appeal is filed, Lynch will stay on the floor while the appeal is heard. In the event the suspension is enforced, our season is done like dinner. Just like I did with the Detroit Lions two months ago, I’m writing our asses off. Any Sweet 16 aspirations are out the window. But again, if these accusations are true (even if they aren’t), non of that matters in the larger picture. These people are dealing with life, right now. The Life Game we all play lasts a lot longer and reaches far deeper than college basketball.

We’ll keep you updated as updates come through.

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