PJ Fleck, Gophers Have Turned in Multiple Rival Schools for Tampering

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The Minnesota Gophers football program has faired pretty well, so far this transfer portal season. They lost their starting QB from 2023 and other role players, voids they will undoubtedly have to fill before next season.

Minnesota Gophers fairing ok in transfer portal early

But their best players Darius Taylor, Daniel Jackson and Justin Walley have all announced their intentions to return and, as of now, it looks like Minnesota will gain a lot more from the transfer portal this offseason, than they lose.

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That doesn’t mean other schools haven’t been trying their very best to pry talent out of Dinkytown. The three players I mentioned above didn’t post their offseason intentions on social media to boost their own egos. They did it to get tampering coaches and rival staff members to stop messaging them about possibly swapping schools.

PJ Fleck, Mark Coyle turning in rival schools for tampering

What can PJ Fleck and the University of Minnesota football program do to try and combat other schools from illegally trying to poach players from their roster, long before they ever express interest or announce plans to enter the transfer portal?

According to Ryan Burns of GopherIllustrated.com (247 Sports), the Gophers are reporting the tamperers to the NCAA.

Ryan Burns: “If you don’t want [Darius Taylor to have to tweet out his intentions to stay], then tell people to stop tampering with him.”

Chip Scoggins: “I’m not blaming the kid, I’m blaming the system.”

Burns: “That’s where I come back to with the system. I can tell you definitively, Minnesota has turned in teams in the last week, even in the Big Ten, for tampering with their players.”

Justin Gaard: “Jeez…”

Burns: “This whole system is so broken.”

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Will their official complaints ever lead to punishment? Don’t hold your breath. But I applaud Fleck & Co for officially logging the alleged malfeasances anyway.

I’ve said it before and I will write about it again pretty soon, because I get to my boiling point on this subject every once in awhile and need to sound off.

Fix for Tampering, other NIL issues is obvious

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The fix to college sports’ NIL problem is for Universities to start paying their players with a slice of TV revenue. That way, we have binding contracts, transparency, salary caps and we can get rid of shady outside entities passing money under the table.

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How long will it take for us to get there? We’ll find out but it’s eventually where this whole train ends up. In the meantime, make sure you drink Duck Duck Beer, eat Parlor burgers and donate your hard-earned money to Dinkytown Athletes whenever possible so we can all enjoy Gopher football in the NIL age.

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