PJ Fleck and His Idioms Have Taken Over the Gopher Football Uniforms


At the crack of dawn on Tuesday morning, the Gopher Football team held a team meeting that featured Maroon and Gold alums Dom Barber, Marqueis Gray, and Maxx Williams. The former and current NFL players were on hand to take part in the revealing of the program’s new Nike H.Y.P.R.R. ELITE uniforms.

For members of Row the Boat Nation, the below video will likely get your juices flowing. If you have any sort of heart ailment or are currently pregnant, please proceed with caution. Now that we’ve addressed that realm, turn the volume up on your factory ass speakers:

On top of being a sucker for a good hype video, I am art illiterate. The second the coach Fleck audio started playing, the Gophers had me sold on the new uniforms. Basically, when it comes to my opinion on this topic, this was over before it started. The Minnesota bias and low subject IQ are a wild combination when it comes to this take. So, to assist in your judgment of our upcoming season’s attire, here are multiple pictures and additional information:

If you include shoes, socks, and facemasks, the Nike line offers Minnesota more than 100 potential uniform combinations. We’ll just focus on the helmets (three options), jerseys (three options), and pants (three options).

Helmets: ColorsMaroon, White, and Gold

Outside of the color scheme, the maroon and white helmets are mirror images. Across the center, both contain the famous “oar” that is associated with the #RTB mantra.  Additionally, each displays a compass that features the respective players number and SKI-U-MAH on the back.


Like the maroon and white helmets, the gold style features “M” block letters on each side, a compass on the back, and the SKI-U-MAH cheer at the base. Unlike the other two colors, it doesn’t have the oar as the center stripe.

Jerseys: ColorsMaroon, White and Anthracite (shade of gray)

The actual jerseys themselves all share a design. Both the front of the maroon and anthracite versions feature white numbers, white collars, and different shades of gold (corresponds to “Minnesota” on back of jerseys in above picture) for the “M” and “Swoosh” logos.

Pants: ColorsMaroon, White, Gold and Anthracite (shade of gray)

There isn’t anything to wild and crazy about the pant choices. As it is with the jerseys, they all share a design (“M” logo on front right, “Swoosh” logo on front left). When comparing the gold helmet and the pants, we come across the just mentioned differences shades of the color.

If that gave you the itch to check out the uniforms in person, you can do so during Tuesday’s women’s basketball game and/or Wednesday’s men’s basketball game.

For those of you who aren’t experiencing the proverbial rash, the new uniforms that P.J. Fleck said “embrace the past to create the future” will be on display during Minnesota’s 2018 opener and throughout the entire season.

#RTB #SkiUMah

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