PJ Fleck/Gophers Extension Now Official

Photo: GopherSports.com
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We have now been waiting for the Gopher Football weekly press conference to start… for nearly 30 minutes. We are used to being left hung out to dry, when we have to wait for him to come to the podium, after games; but to be even one minute late to his weekly presser is weird.

This is a packed house of reporters so I figured I should pull up something and start typing about the contract that is probably being finalized as we sit here.

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And sure enough, there it is. PJ Fleck gets three years added to his deal and he will be coming into this press conference to announce just that. The Gophers are touting this as a 7-year extension that will keep him around through the 2026 season.

What a massive deal this is for the state of Minnesota. I cannot believe we finally have an administration that knows the importance of competing at the highest level, in the biggest sports. Now, let’s sign Mark Coyle to a lifetime extension and see if PJ will extend his that long too.

Now it’s on to Penn State.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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