PJ Fleck and Players React to Outback Bowl Bid vs Auburn

Photo: @GopherSports
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Earlier today, the Gophers were selected for and accepted a birth in the New Year’s Day, Outback Bowl. This is a massive deal for the Gophers. They played in a Citrus Bowl back in 2014 (they were stomped by Missouri) but that team wasn’t on the rise and looking for new and better recruits, like this program. They had the Senior, Mitch Leidner and a bunch of graduating playmakers. This team has key guys they will be losing but they are a lot more on the rise, as one of the youngest teams in college football, than they are on the decline.

A couple hours after the selection, we were able to hear from PJ Fleck, Tanner Morgan, and Winston DeLattiboudere, to get their immediate reaction. PJ Fleck was first and, after a long day, brought the energy as always. He’s hitting the recruiting trail tonight, so he talked about that, and he touched on Casey O’Brien too.

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We got to hear from Tanner Morgan and Winston DeLattiboudere, after our fearless leader left the stage. Tanner still seems like he is reeling a little bit from the Wisconsin loss. I have a feeling he’s going to bring a new (and even better) Tanner Morgan to this bowl game vs Auburn. One thing the Gophers have going for them, is expectations. Nobody will pick them to win this game. The Gophers will be the better-prepared team, though, and Tanner Morgan will be the better-prepared quarterback. It’s likely he has been all season. That’s who he is. That’s a big piece of how he gains an advantage week-to-week.

Morgan was asked about making 2nd-Team All-Big Ten and he deflected to his teammates and how 9 guys on offense were honored by the All-Big Ten Committee. That’s what Tanner does. What a human.

Winston is a massive ball of energy and cares about spreading PJ’s message to future generations more than anyone other than PJ himself. Winston loves to teach. You can see and hear it when he speaks. Instilling the RTB culture into the future generations of this program is a huge part of what drives him. He is a great listen every time he steps behind the microphones. He’ll be a successful person, no matter where life takes him. He’s a Redshirt Senior this seaoson. The Outback Bowl will be his last game.

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I can’t fucking wait 3 weeks for this game…….

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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