Owners Force Hand; Major League Baseball is Coming Back… For Real This Time

After two months of childish bickering, Major League Baseball is FINALLY coming back. Tonight, MLB owners announced their plans to implement a 60-game season, after the MLBPA rejected their latest offer. This time though, it seems we are at the end of this long, drawn out nightmare.


This all happened after the MLBPA voted 30-5 against the league’s latest proposal. That proposal included an expanded postseason and universal designated hitter in 2020 and 2021. It also included the inability for players to file a grievance against the league for lost revenue.

While owners could have gone with a 50-game season, as previously thought, they appear to have taken the high road (or that is what they will say). Instead, they’re offering the same 60 games they did in their last proposal, even though the players rejected it. In theory, this “olive branch” also decreases the players’ likelihood of filing any legal action against the league and owners, for negotiating in “bad faith”.

Two hurdles that still remain….

  1. The league asked the union if players would be ready to report IN SEVEN DAYS (July 1).
  2. Will players agree to the Operating Manual that lays out health and safety protocols for the season. Remember that COVID-19 is still a thing.

But ONE FUCKING WEEK to get ready? Way to play hard ball…


This isn’t the best case scenario for the Twins. They are built for a marathon, not a 60-game mad-dash.

While they could absolutely dominate in this type of season, there is so much variation to put any tangible faith in it. Just look at how they performed during certain 60-game stretches last year.

Ok, nevermind. Bring your parka. It’s cold here in November.

Jack Kewitsch | Minnesota Sports Fan

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