No Shirts Just Skins: Ep.17 – Vikings are Drafting, Timberwolves are Playoffing

We are just days away from Brandon’s favorite time of the year and if we wouldn’t have dedicated half the show to the NFL Draft, he might have exploded. So, we have your draft preview from a Vikings’ fan perspective right here (as always).

Meanwhile, the Wild are out of the playoffs so we don’t need to pretend we know hockey anymore. The Timberwolves, however, have swung the momentum in their first round matchup against the Houston Rockets, after a big game 3 victory (HOU now leads 2-1), and now look to even things up on Monday night before heading back to Houston.

We discuss whether they have a shot to make that happen.

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Part 1: (00:00) Brandon’s Vikings Draft Preview

Part 2: (43:00) Timberwolves May Just Make This a Series

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