Twins Out on Keuchel but Leading the Hunt on Kimbrel?

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports
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The Minnesota Twins fell 5-2 to the Cleveland Indians last night, their record now stands at 40-19.  As the biggest surprise of this young baseball season, the Twins have shown hardly any weaknesses, but there has been one that’s reared its ugly head a few times…

The back end of the Bullpen.  All of the talk this off-season, and now actually a 1/3 into the regular season, has been about Craig Kimbrel and Dallas Keuchel. Now that the draft compensation window has closed we all expect them to find a new team sooner, rather than later.

All signs point to the Twins being MAJOR players in the Kimbrel sweepstakes. As far as Keuchel goes, that seems to have been more of a due diligence thing, because the rotation for the Twins hasn’t been an issue and I’m not sure Keuchel is the top-end guy you NEED for a playoff push.

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Joel Sherman of the NY Post reported yesterday that the most common speculation throughout the industry has been Keuchel to the Yankees and Kimbrel to the Twins.  One executive even said that Kimbrel is a Twins priority, according to Sherman.

Now obviously we aren’t sure what will happen, but if this is in-fact true, it is clear that Falvey and Levine (Falvine) have been given full control from Jim Pohlad to do whatever it takes to make this team a legit contender, and having a 10.5 game lead in June does nothing but make a move like this even more worth it. An aggressive Front Office is not something Twins fans are used to but I am sure they will welcome the change.

Brian Heintz | Minnesota Sports Fan


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