No Extension Offer For Trevor May, Who Says He Expects to Hit Free Agency

Photo: Maddie Meyer – Getty Images

Trevor May doesn’t seem like someone who expects to be employed by the Minnesota Twins for the 2021 season. For those who don’t know, May likes to stream on Twitch when he isn’t getting paid to play baseball and does so regularly.

When he hopped online today, he took questions from subscribers for over two hours… Topics covered everything under the sun (see below). One thing that was made clear; May plans to become a free agent this offseason and play for another baseball team in 2021, after the Twins declined to offer him a contract extension.

Here’s what he had to say… (thanks to this Trevor May Twitter Stan account for catching this and posting it).

The have the best opportunity to get you with an extension, when you’re already there. That didn’t happen. There was no offer. Sooooo…. the next step is to see, if I don’t get any offers anywhere else, then I’ll be cheaper here. Honestly, that’s just not kinda how it works.

Usually, if they want you to stay, they don’t let you get to this point. Does that make sense? Now, that doesn’t mean anything. I’m just saying, historically, that usually how things play out.

Trevor May – Twitch Stream

May talked about everything under the sun, during his stream. Topics included how little he cares about what remaining teams win during the MLB playoffs and then a bunch about the inconsistency and lack of accountability from MLB umpires.

You know what, I’m just going to list some of the things I heard while scrubbing through Trevor’s “just chatting” twitch session… or we’ll be here all night.

On the list:

  • How great of a coach Rocco Baldelli
  • How they lost the Houston Series
  • High-leverage situations in baseball dictate outcomes
  • Talked shit to a 9-year-old
  • Bashed Carlos Correa and the Astros about playing the victim after they beat the Twins on Wednesday.
  • MLB told Twins they couldn’t wear Bomba Robes
  • MLB doesn’t care about health and safety of players; just money and PR
  • Stans for Taylor Rogers – Screen-shares to show his BABIP
  • Eats on air.
  • Talks politics (he’s not a Donald Trump fan)

I’m sure there is more that I missed. He’s clearly still frustrated about how 2020 played out for him, in many different facets. It’s interesting to hear him talk about everything in such an unfiltered manner, though he might find himself frustrated come November.

Back to the contract talk

May doesn’t mention money, when discussing his pending free agency, but it sounds like he and the Twins never even got to the negotiation starting line. I’m a bit surprised, because he can’t be asking for that much. He should cost approximately the same price as Sergio Romo and Taylor Rogers in 2019, who both made just under $5 million.

May seems up for anything and playing just about anywhere. He said he will rely a lot on Tyler Clippard to make his decision. “That guy has played for like 1/3 of the league”, he said at one point.

We could be in for quite a few changes when the dust settles on the 2021 Minnesota Twins roster…

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan