NIL is Why Jamison Battle is Transferring to Ohio State

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Former De LaSalle star, Jamison Battle, has announced his intent to transfer from the University of Minnesota to Ohio State. It was originally reported that Battle was seeking professional basketball, when he first announced his intentions to leave Dinkytown a few months ago.

Hometown Jamison Battle Transfers to Ohio State because NIL

Surprised that a hometown kid would make such an in-conference move? You shouldn’t be. There’s one major reason why he, or any right-minded human being, would do what Jamison Battle did. Money.

Battle will make a lot more money playing at Ohio State than he did or would have at Minnesota. This, according to Darren Wolfson (SKOR North, KSTP), who reported the move as NIL driven on his appearance Thursday with Mackey and Judd.

“I texted [Jamison Battle] saying ‘hey, is it Ohio State’? So the buzz started to gather on Tuesday night. And yeah, NIL. He is going to make money. I don’t know what the exact deal is but, you know, there is going to be a financial gain with him heading to Columbus.”

Darren Wolfson – Mackey & Judd
NIL rules Transfer Portal

Doogie says there are other factors in Battle’s decision. He says there is “stuff going on in Jamison’s personal life so leaving town makes sense” but Wolfson continually comes back to Name, Image and Likeness as the main reason why Battle is leaving Dinkytown, saying, “they have so much more to do, in terms of NIL, on campus.”

Remember, it was reported just weeks ago that men’s and women’s basketball boosters were pooling together millions of dollars over the next few years, to help NIL funds going forward. But right now, Battle’s transfer to an in-conference rival shows how behind the University of Minnesota is in the NIL game.

Here is the full episode of Wolfson’s appearance on Mackey & Judd today. Battle’s transfer is discussed at the 20:25 mark.

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