These NFL Suspensions Don’t Make ANY Sense.. #SuspendJulioJones

Bengals LB, Vontaze Burfict, is considered by many to be the dirtiest player in the NFL. Burfict has a laundry list of infractions throughout his football career. Included in that list is a helmet-to-helmet hit on Pittsburgh WR, Antonio Brown, in a 2015 playoff battle.

In Week 13’s MNF game, Antonio’s little brother got his back. Rookie WR, JuJU Smith-Schuster, gave the neighborhood bully a taste of his own medicine:

The NFL announced that JuJu will be suspended a game for his pop-shot on Vontaze. They cited the “celebrating” afterwards as part of their ruling. That’s bogus. They’re not suspending anyone for taunting.

What did you think about the hit, AB?

“I ain’t even trippin I got straight cash on it.” AKA – JuJu’s older bro will be paying for his fine.

I don’t agree or disagree with making the 20 year-old sit out vs the Ravens. However, I definitely don’t agree with the league office’s inconsistent approach on these rulings.

If Smith-Schuster gets a game, Julio Jones deserves one as well:

I’m not sure about you, but to me, that looked pretty similar to JuJu’s hit.

Suspending Julio means that the NFL would have to remove politics from their decision-making process. I’m not holding my breath. Jones and the Falcons play the Saints on TNF this week. Prime Time Baby (*Deion Sanders Voice*) Make the All Pro WR sit that game out? HELL NO.

It’d be interesting if Antonio Brown, instead of JuJu, was the one who cleaned Burfict’s clock. Pittsburgh has their own nationally broadcasted game this week. The Steelers play the Ravens on SNF. Would the spastic stiffs in suits have made the best WR in the world sit that one out?


Money over everything. Just like Jones and Brown, Rob Gronkowski is an extremely polarizing player. Gronk is a cash-cow for the NFL. The TE took an egregious WWE style cheap-shot on Tre’Davious White this weekend:

If JuJu got one for his hit, Gronk gets at least three for this trash, right?


They only gave the Patriots TE one game. I wonder who NE plays in two weeks? What a coincidence! It’s a highly anticipated AFC matchup in Pittsburgh. The fan-favorite Gronkowski can’t miss that one! Sit him out while Brady dusts Miami this week and throw him back in there. What a shit-show.

It’s frustrating. This isn’t the NBA. When those players get superstar treatment, they go to the foul line. Their opponent is unharmed. Tre’Davious White was far from unharmed. Because of Gronk, the 2017 first-round pick suffered the first concussion of his NFL career.

The Julio/Gronkowski decisions almost have me as pissed as the Lamarcus Joyner situation. The former Rams safety was ONLY fined for this hit on Teddy:

Fuck you Gregg Williams. People don’t forget.

If an umpire’s strike zone is too big or too small, he/she better at least be consistent. If they call it both ways, players at least know what to expect. The same goes for these NFL suspensions. Even if people don’t like the league offices approach, they still need a STANDARD approach.

Be fair. This is a dangerous game we all love. Forget about your cash for once, please.


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