‘NFL Live’ Fights Over the Vikings as 2021 Super Bowl Sleepers

Photo: Craig Lassig - Special to the Pioneer Press

The Minnesota Vikings have had one of the best 2021 offseasons in the NFL. They’ve, on paper, completely rebuild a torn-down defense and used their draft to patch holes along the offensive line, with pieces they hope will fit for years to come.

Throw in an extra-determined Mike Zimmer (who’s touting a brand new defense), plus an offense already full of weapons, and NFL analysts at ESPN might even put the Vikings into their Super Bowl sleeper conversations while appearing on NFL Live

But as soon as someone like Marcus Spears talks nicely on national TV about a team in Minnesota, there will always be another analyst present on the same set (this time it’s former Patriot, Rob Ninkovich) who has forgotten we’re even allowed to have professional sports franchises up here.

Marcus “Swagoo” Spears listed five possible Super Bowl sleepers (Cardinals, Vikings, Titans, Colts, Patriots) for the upcoming season. Ninkovich only had a REAL BIG problem with one: The Minnesota Vikings. He wasn’t afraid to let Spears know about it either.

Sleeping on the Vikings

It’s easy to hate on the Minnesota Vikings and laugh at the thought of them hoisting the Lombardi Trophy. When you haven’t won a championship in 75 years, that’s to be expected.

But Rob Ninkovich got caught with his pants down in this clip. Why is he so shocked that Minnesota is listed? Because he has absolutely no idea what the Vikings have done this offseason. I’d be surprised to hear that Rob has picked up and read any article or piece of news on the Vikings since the season ended.

But hey, a little bulletin board material for Mike Zimmer and the boys can’t hurt.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan