Patriots Now Open to Trading No. 3 Overall Pick

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If Kwesi Adofo-Mensah plans on making a blockbuster trade to land the Minnesota Vikings a top-three pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, then the New England Patriots are the trade partner to watch. On Sunday, Patriots coach Jerod Mayo firmly planted the for sale sign on Tom Brady’s old lawn, letting everyone know New England is open to negotiating a trade back from the third overall pick.

New England Patriots open to trading No. 3 Overall Pick

Mayo made multiple comments signifying that not only are the Patriots not locked in on drafting a quarterback at No. 3, but also that they’re ready to consider any trade offer that arrives.

“Obviously, quarterback is definitely a priority. With that being said, we’re still open to any type of deals that come our way.” … “Remember, there are other positions besides quarterback as well. We’ll be at 100% when the draft gets here [April 25]. Just not yet.”

Patriots head coach Jerod Mayo on team’s draft plans (quote via ESPN)

If there’s a quarterback the Patriots aren’t in love with, it’s always possible they pivot to a top wide receiver instead. Patriots acting GM Eliot Wolf has mentioned that he hoped to “weaponize” the scoring attack, yet their efforts to sign receiver Calvin Ridley came up short.

“The most important thing for us was to get our people back here. Re-sign our players — the Mike Onwenus of the world. We have some good players that we like to keep and that’s kind of part of the culture that we want to build. Obviously, we were disappointed that Ridley went in a different direction, but we’re good. I like the direction that we’re going.”

Patriots’ ‘GM’ Eliot Wolf (quote via ESPN)

Patriots Hyping Jacoby Brissett as QB1, Like Vikings Did with Darnold

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While it would be a surprise, the Patriots’ head coach also spent time hyping up the recently-signed Jacoby Brissett as a potential starter, much like the Vikings have built up Sam Darnold.

“A guy like Jacoby, he’s a great leader. Everyone loves him. To get him back in the building is definitely helpful for us. And honestly, look, he could absolutely be our starter this year. We’ll have to see. Like I said, we’re not dead set at taking a quarterback at No. 3, but we do feel good having a guy like Jacoby ready to go.”

Jerod Mayo on Jacoby Brissett (quote via

All this points to the Patriots legitimately being open to a godfather, dare I say, perhaps even a Herschel Walker-like trade offer from the Vikings. Such a move likely requires parting with both of the Vikings’ first-round picks (11 +23), plus their 2025 first-round pick at the very least.

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However, it is also entirely possible that the Patriots truly don’t know what they’ll do yet. What if the Patriots only like one prospect between Drake Maye and Jayden Daniels, and if their target prospect gets selected by Washington at No. 2, maybe New England thinks the remaining prospect is a bust? At that point, why not see what trade offers are floating around?

The same could ring true for the Vikings. Rumors are rumors, but no one knows what the Vikings’ draft board looks like either. They also might be waiting to see which prospect ‘falls’ to No. 3 before selling the farm. Either way, it’s setting up to be arguably the most exciting NFL Draft of all time for Vikings fans.

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