New Camera Angle Shows Caitlin Clark Was Not Bulldozed, She Flopped

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In 2024, it’s difficult to hide the truth, especially in big public events that are televised to a national audience with multiple different camera angles, not to mention venue security cameras and cell phones… etc. But Iowa Hawkeyes women’s basketball star, Caitlin Clark, almost pulled it off the other night.

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Iowa was upset on the road at Ohio State and a minor court storm took place afterwards, one that ended with a head-on collision between Clark and a random Buckeyes fan. In the video that originally went viral, Caitlin looks like she is completely bulldozed, a surprise collision that would probably send anyone to the ground.

Looks pretty ugly, right? From this angle, it looks like she got hit by a golf cart she didn’t see coming. Predictably, we immediately saw a segment of fans (and non-fans) calling for a strict ban on court and field storming in college athletics.

In the days that followed, teeth were mashed, articles written, videos made and even a full-length Netflix docuseries in the works (probably). How can we possibly stop this atrocity from happening in the future…

Did Caitlin Clark Flop?

But on Monday, more camera angles of the controversial collision have come to light and (shocker) they paint a much different picture of what happened in the seconds after the buzzer went off in Columbus Saturday afternoon.

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Yup, it was a flop. This entire thing, all the outrage, all the attention… for a flop. The above angle makes it undeniably clear that, at the least, Clark was able to brace for contact way earlier than what we had thought. In fact, it was the fan who got the worst part of the collision.

Poor girl was taking a selfie video and didn’t see Clark coming until contact had already been made. She, like Clark, crumpled to the floor. But unlike the Iowa superstar, Ohio State’s court storming fan dusted herself off, got back up and resumed her previous activities. She didn’t lay on the floor rhything in (fake) pain or have a press conference afterwards that got the entire sports world fearing for her safety

I’m not in the camp that thinks a frustrated Caitlin Clark was looking for a court stormer to lay out in frustration. I think it’s undeniable, however, that her fall to the ground and the circus show that followed were… let’s say… over-exaggerated.

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