NCAA Tells Gophers to Provide More Info on Liam Robbins Waiver Request

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News on NCAA transfer waivers (to play immediately in 2020) have been trickling through for weeks now. Many Minnesota Gophers media and fans thought we would have heard back from the NCAA on the waivers for two of our most important newcomers, Liam Robbins (Drake) and Both Gach (Utah). Now, we have an update on the status of our new transfer duo…

Wait…. what?

According to Marcus Fuller of the Star Tribune, the transfer committee needs more information from Richard Pitino and the Gopher basketball program before they are comfortable making a decision on the waiver for Liam Robbins. WTF could the University of Minnesota have forgotten to send the NCAA… or could this be a situation where the NCAA is being unreasonable? What a strange tweet.

On top of that, Both Gach’ waiver hasn’t even been sent in yet. Supposedly, Pitino and Co. believe it’s a better idea to have the NCAA concentrate on one Minnesota waiver request at a time. After seeing this, you can’t blame him. If you are getting nervous though, you aren’t the only one.

Again, this whole thing is really starting to get weird. If you believe this is the NCAA just trying to stab Minnesota because it’s fun, I can’t say you’re wrong. It’d be the least-shocking news I’ve come to terms with over the last few months… but could that be it?

Remember the Carr Waiver?

If we rewind back to the Marcus Carr waiver decision from a couple of years ago, it played out this same way. Pitino told media multiple times that he was confident about the Carr waiver. There was a weirdly long waiting period after that… before the request was denied. Meanwhile, waivers are getting approved across the NCAA for everyone else.

This isn’t a blog where I claim to have all the answers (like usual). I don’t know what is happening behind this curtain or how this will finish. Hopefully, Pitino just forgot to include a copy of his insurance card or Robbins’ birth certificate in the paperwork? The situation is worth keeping an eye on. Then, we’ll have to do this same thing with Both Gach. Fun.

Not to mention, Liam Robbins could be the difference in having a front court that can compete in the Big Ten this season. Comparing him to Marcus Carr is legitimate because it could be just as devastating.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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