NCAA Adopts Plan (w/Dates) to Start Summer Activities for Fall and Winter Sports


The Division 1 NCAA Council (whatever that is) has implemented a plan to bring back our major college fall and winter sports. For teams that begin their regular season on Labor Day, they will start back on campus on July 13, with enhanced training starting on July 20 and finally fall practice slated to start August 7.

Right now teams are doing voluntary work outs. This plan will transition teams to a typical mandated schedule that is meant to prepare them for fall. The NCAA has approved the plan, but the coaches and universities will make decisions on how practices and locker rooms will operate, regarding social distancing and other safety measures.

The goal is to run an effective camp and preseason, allowing the season to start on time and hopefully run even more smoothly. Fans are on edge, wondering how this will all play out, especially since the University of Houston had 6 football players reportedly test positive for the virus just last week.

There are still questions that players, parents and fans have, regarding player safety. How will universities handle players or staff testing positive for the virus? Is there any chance at having fans in the stands? These are all questions that the NCAA will have to answer… unless they leave that up to individual campuses, too.

For those who follow the recruiting side of things, nothing has been decided on that yet. However, Jeff Goodman is also reporting that on the upcoming agenda.

While there are risks involved, the idea of being able to cheer on our Golden Gophers are a glimmer of normalcy in what has become a really weird world.

Sherry Cerny | Minnesota Sports Fan

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