‘MSF Podcast’ Returns and Darren Wolfson Joins ‘Wake Up!’

Good morning Minnesota Sports Fam.

With the Vikings’ slow and painful 2020 death now realized, we’ve officially hit the sports abyss of Minnesota winter. But there’s good news.

After a 1.5 year hiatus and many many requests to come back, the Minnesota Sports Fan Podcast has officially returned. We’re ready to blow some minds, have some fun and probably piss some people off. Our first episode back was recorded last night and it released this morning.

It’s a tangent-driven episode loosely based around Gopher basketball and some Vikings. We’re not afraid of politics either. So if you are… then you should stop being so sensitive. Feel free to leave all of your negative political comments here, on Facebook or on Twitter.

More MSF Podcast

Not only is the Minnesota Sports Fan Podcast back… but we’re back twice per week. That’s right, you now get a double-dose of the MSF Podcast to fill your time.

Our plan is to record on Monday and Wednesday nights, and then release them on Tuesday and Thursday mornings on all podcast platforms. We will soon be streaming a video version of the show LIVE to Twitter on recording nights.

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Darren Wolfson Joins Stephen Strom on Wake Up!

Our up and coming radio superstar, Stephen Strom, hosts a very short morning show called, ‘Wake Up Minnesota!’. New episodes air THREE days per week and are just 15-20 minutes in length.

Stephen is meant for radio (but does write too) and has a ton of experience behind a microphone, especially given his age. The show will get you caught up on all the major happenings around the local college and pro sports scene and should be an absolute MUST for any Minnesota sports fan.

Plus.. his weekly guest list is fire. One week, you might get a scouting report from an opposing team’s local reporter. The next week, you might get Darren Wolfson (KSTP – SKOR North). He’s also had Chris Autman-Bell, Patrick Reusse and many others (see below).

Other guests that have appeared on Wake Up! include:

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