MSF Pod Ep. 23: Vikings/Wolves Disasters + Pizza, Alcohol, and a Nude 100 YD Dash


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In our 23rd installment, sports talk around town is slightly upsetting so we mix in some things that really matter. Do we live in the best generation ever for pizza lovers who don’t have any money? Have you ever gotten drunk and ran a 100 yard dash in your birthday suit on a D2 college football field?

The answers are yes and……. Plus, if anyone has college stories that beat a nude 100 yard dash drunken escapade, it’s Brandon.

We eventually turn to sports…..

How nervous are we for the Vikings? Is this going to be a classic letdown year like we’ve seen so many times (most recently 2016 and 2010)? Or, are the Vikings going to be able to put all of the off-field distractions behind them and take care of business in LA?

Speaking of the off-field situations surrounding the team, we do get serious as we talk about the scary status of Everson Griffen and we remind people that nobody is safe from mental health issues and those who struggle should not be ashamed to find help. People care about you.

Then, we finish the show with a good half hour of Jimmy Butler talk. Has the Twitter world gone insane in their hate for Tom Thibodeau? Who’s shoulders does all of the drama fall on? Who should get the blame? And, no matter how you feel about all of that, you should still want to get as much as you can back for Jimmy Butler, now that moving him is inevitable.

It was a packed show full of ups and downs…. and pizza…. and nude 100 yard dashes….. what else could you want in a sports podcast?

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