MSF is Credentialed for Minnehaha Academy vs Bronny James and Sierra Canyon @ Target Center Saturday Night

If you haven’t heard, there is a massive high school basketball game scheduled for Saturday night, here in Minnesota. In fact, this game is so hyped up that it sold out the high school gym it was supposed to be played in, and has been moved to Target Center where over 8500 tickets have already been sold. Target Center holds around 18,000 so it’ll be interesting to see how full the place gets. The game that’s being played is between Minnesota’s most stacked team, as far as 247Sports recruiting rankings are concerned, and probably the most talented team in the country, Sierra Canyon out of California.

The main feature for Sierra Canyon isn’t their best player. He’s a freshman with the most famous basketball dad of all time… Lebron James Jr. Bronny James gets a decent amount of playing time on most nights but just like any freshman 15-year-old around the country, he’s inconsistent. Not only that, but he is surrounded by ballers.¬†

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So, Sierra Canyon is stacked with talent and they have only lost one game this season. It was earlier this week, when they went down vs another top high school team in the nation, Rancho Christian. But all of that talent certainly won’t go unmatched. Minnehaha Academy isn’t just the most talented team in Minnesota. They are comparable to any of these top teams around the country.

Minnehaha also employs Kaden Johnson, who’s a fine basketball player but even better football player. He is a 4-star in that sport and already committed to play at Wisconsin next year.

This matchup on Saturday night is part of a larger tournament, “The Redhawk Basketball Showcase“, that starts on Friday night at the Minnehaha Academy High School, where both of the teams from Saturday’s matchup will play the other two teams involved, Park Center and The Patrick School.

With all of the excitement surrounding this game, I am happy to say that Minnesota Sports Fan will be there to cover it as credentialed media. Our new high school writer, Ryan Schmidt (@streethistory on Twitter) and I will be both be attending the game, in that fashion! So, become a member to right below this article and follow both Ryan and myself on Twitter so you don’t miss a moment!

The game will also be broadcast live on ESPN.

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