Could Becky Taylor be the Minnesota Timberwolves’ Next Majority Owner?

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Ahh, the Minnesota Timberwolves ownership battle. At this point, we’ve heard more about the feud between Glen Taylor and the Marc Lore + Alex Rodriguez ownership group than any of us ever could have imagined, when the deal was announced three years ago.

Arbitration hearings to determine whether or not Lore and A-Rod will be allowed to finish their purchase process are expected to be scheduled for later this summer, possibly into fall.

If Lore and A-Rod were to win their arbitration case vs Taylor, which could certainly happen, then their application for majority ownership would go under final review with the 29 other owners, AKA: the “NBA Board of Governors”, who would then vote on whether or not to officially allow Marc Lore into their NBA owner fraternity.

This is the final hurdle in the process for the Lore group. Unfortunately, it’s expected to be a hurdle they won’t be able to clear. Multiple reports over the last two weeks say that Marc Lore does NOT have enough NBA Board of Governors votes to earn final approval as Minnesota Timberwolves majority owner.

Glen Taylor’s succession plan for Minnesota Timberwolves: Becky Taylor (his wife)

If that holds true, what would happen to the Wolves, after that? Glen Taylor is 83-years-old and his health has been on the decline, of late. According to Darren Wolfson (SKOR North, KSTP), Taylor has some pretty serious back issues going on, that have made it increasingly difficult for him to walk and get around.

In both of his appearances this week on Mackey & Judd, Wolfson explained the organization’s succession plan, if Glen were to remain majority owner of the Minnesota Timberwolves and then see his health deteriorate to a point where he can’t handle ownership duties (or worse). It’s Glen’s wife, Becky Taylor, the lasagna queen herself, who appears to act more and more like Glen’s handler, every time they turn up in public.

“From what I can gather, you are better off, at least for the short term, if you want this group to stay together — we’re talking about luxury tax, 2nd apron, all of that — with Glen Taylor in charge…. Glen and Becky Taylor, because… hey, Glen’s 83, you just never know. So the succession plan, from what I can gather, would be Becky, if something were to, God-forbid, happen to Glen.”

Darren Wolfson – Mackey & Judd (SKOR North)

If the dust settles on this ownership battle and Glen Taylor still holds the most shares, the expectation is that he would buyout Lore and A-Rod’s shares, and that they would be eager to sell them, take their dividend payment after a new valuation, and move on.

In that case, Marc and Alex would fade into MN Timberwolves history as just another weird chapter in a story that has never been “normal”. The same goes for Taylor, if Lore were to score an upset vote count victory, and take over majority control.

Reports: Marc Lore and A-Rod Do Not Have Enough Votes to Own Timberwolves

According to previous reports from Wolfson, it’s a key reason as to why Michael Bloomberg was brought into Lore’s ownership group. If they were to win, it’s believed that Bloomberg’s money would be used to buyout the rest of Taylor’s shares.

Nonetheless, Doogie remains adamant that, if fans want the Wolves to “run it back” and keep their core roster together, the the Taylor family — whether that’s Glen or Becky — are the owners you want.

“I just think you are better positioned, if you’re a Wolves fan and want to run this thing back. You say, ‘hey ok, we’re a final four team, are we that far off from Boston?’… you had home-court in the Western Conference Finals, you could say, we’re knocking on the door of winning a championship. I’m just saying, if you’re a Wolves fan (and you want to run it back), you’re better of with Glen and Becky in charge, just because of that uncertainty.”

Darren Wolfson – Mackey & Judd (SKOR North)

Clearly, there is still doubt over whether or not Lore and A-Rod would be willing to pay deep into the luxury tax penalty next offseason, whereas the Taylor family has promised what appears to be unlimited spending.

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Personally, I’d prefer trusting the Wolves’ long-term future under Marc Lore, Alex Rodriguez and Tim Connelly, over a short-term future that includes the Taylor family and, likely, no Tim Connelly. The only difference between the personnel plans between Lore vs Taylor is probably Karl-Anthony Towns.

If asking me to choose between Tim Connelly + Lore or KAT + the Taylor family, I’m picking Tim and Marc every time. Unfortunately, it may not play out that way, I’m afraid.

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