Minnesota Wild Rebranding to North Stars Colors? Not So Fast…

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The Minnesota Wild’s season has been long over, even though the Stanley Cup Finals are just heating up. After a disappointing 2023-24 season, that included their first playoff absence in nearly five years, and another year of cap hell on the horizon, fans would love something to get excited about.

Report surfaces that Minnesota Wild are rebranding to North Star colors

Like a rebrand that includes a permanent switch to North Stars colors? That’s what one popular NHL uniform watch/insider website (Icethletics.com) claimed on Wednesday morning, in a video they posted to their YouTube channel (26K subscribers) that claims the permanent switch to the green and yellow color scheme was coming, not next season, but for the 2025-26 NHL season.

“Quick update on Minnesota: I hope Wild fans really like the North Stars throwbacks they got during the reverse retro years. I’ve been told this look is the future of the franchise, but not next season. The Wild are apparently targeting 2025, their 25th anniversary season, to launch a rebrand of their own, a permanent switch to bright green and yellow as their primary colors.

This is a big change, that I’m told has been in the works for a couple of years now, and will be ready to roll out next summer. I can’t say for sure yet if those reverse retros will be the exact jersey designs, but it would make sense. Minnesota began easing into this transition by adopting the green throwback as their third jersey last season and they will keep it for next season as well.”

A switch back to the North Stars color scheme would be very big news that, I’m guessings, would be widely lauded by most fans and media members around town, especially knowing how much people like the Wild’s current alternate uniform, and the reverse retros that they wore a few years ago.

Minnesota Wild *mostly* shut down rebrand rumors

After the above news started spreading across hockey internet, some Minnesota Wild reporters, including Michael Russo (The Athletic), did some quick digging, to see if they could substantiate it this supposed rebrand. Unfortunately, they could not.

It appears we cannot get excited about a North Stars rebrand… yet. I say this without knowing anything behind the scenes, but the responses that Russo and Jessi Pierce got from those inside of Minnesota Wild headquarters are weird.

WTF does “not based in fact” mean? It’s either true or not true? Same with what Pierce was told. “No one in the office knows about it”. Ok… so does that mean others might know about it? It’s interesting that neither reporter was able to get a for sure false ruling. It seems like a pretty “true” or “false” situation to me…

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Maybe a rebrand isn’t coming but I have one eye open and paying very close attention because this kind of sounds like a situation where the cat may have been let out of the bag unexpectedly, and whoever let it escape isn’t willing to admit it happened yet.

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