Minnesota Vikings Rookies Baffled When They Receive Minicamp Photos in CD Format

Photo courtesy of the Minnesota Vikings

Some of us go far back enough to remember cassette and VHS tapes. I know, others go back even further than that. But for a decade between streaming devices and handheld devices with mass amounts of storage, we had Compact Discs.

Back in the early 2000s, it was all about who had the biggest book of CDs in their 3rd generation Dodge Neon, Ford Ranger or Chevy Cavalier (maybe even a Pontiac Grand Prix). But in 2024, it’s difficult to even find a device that plays a CD anymore, especially a CD with images on it.

Minnesota Vikings give rookies their first NFL photos via CD

But that’s what the Minnesota Vikings gave their rookies on Friday, when they received their first NFL pictures. Apparently, many rookies have been waiting to get those pics back. And that day came today, in CD format.

I would like to laugh and these young kids not understanding the simple joys of life that once were CDs and DVDs. But then, I quickly realized that I would probably have to get my old Playstation 3 out of storage or sit in my car, if I wanted to play a CD. If I wanted to see what what images were on a CD…. I’d not sure what I would do.

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In other words, this was a clever way to haze rookies in an age where beating them up or getting them too drunk to function would be frowned upon.

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