Wilfs Appear Confident, Borderline Giddy Over Vikings’ Draft Plans at QB

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There is a lot on the line for the Wilf family this offseason. The Minnesota Vikings majority owners have entrusted the future of their most well-known business identity to young up-and-coming hires, something old schoolers are hesitant to do in every walk of life, let alone owners of one of the most popular pro sports franchises in the world.

Wilfs confident in O’Connell, Kwesi (Vikings) plan at QB

Kevin O’Connell is the one of the five youngest coaches in football, at 38, and Kwesi Adofo-Mensah is a member of the five youngest general managers too. So… are Mark and Zigi Wilf staying extra involved in the Vikings’ franchise deciding quarterback search? No. At least, that’s what Mark told NFL Network on Monday, even after (one of us) Tom Pelissero gave him an easy excuse to admit otherwise.

Pelissero: “Some other teams that are in the quarterback market, they’ve had their owners and their team presidents, among others, in the interview process [with potential QB prospects]. As you’ve said, it’s a very important position. How involved do you and Zigi get through this process?”

Mark Wilf: “We’re certainly engaged all the time with Kwesi and Coach [O’Connell], Rob Brzezinski; the whole football operations. But we have a lot of confidence that they know what they’re doing, they’ve got the right ideas and we’re behind them; and the extent they’re gonna want further involvement from us, we’re there to help. But again, we know what we know and we know what they know, and they’ll get it right.”

Mark Wilf on NFL Network Monday

Mark was also asked by NFL Network’s Steve Wyche, just before Tom asked the question transcribed above, about the Vikings’ excitement regarding Sam Darnold. Mark confirmed that he, along with the rest of the organization, is excited to see what Sam can bring this year.

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But, he also made it clear with that first question that their real quarterback plan will unfold in the draft. And boy does he seem excited about it. In fact, Mark’s clear excitement has me feeling better about how the next month will unfold too.

Wyche: “The Vikings are big conversation leading into the draft! Your quarterback spot, are you pushing the guys to go ahead and and get somebody? We know you signed Sam Darnold but…?”

Wilf: “Well, we love Sam Darnold but, you know, when it comes to the the quarterback position, it’s certainly critical. And Kwesi and coach O’Connell are working hard, we’ve got a plan, and Sam Darnold is part of it; and we’re excited he’s in the building, and we’re excited we have two first round picks. So, we’ll see where it all goes. We have a lot of flexibility and we’ll see what happens…”

Mark Wilf on NFL Network Monday

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This man does not give off the vibe of an owner who is losing sleep over the future of his franchise. If anything, he might be losing sleep over the excitement of what’s about to transpire. Like a kid who knows he has the best christmas present in town… but it’s only black Friday and there’s a month to go before that bad boy gets unwrapped.

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