Kevin O’Connell Reacted Just Like You Did After Vikings’ Trade Up

Minnesota Vikings, Kevin O'Connell, Brian Flores, Dallas Turner
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The Minnesota Vikings made two first round picks on Thursday night, in the 2024 NFL Draft, which wasn’t a huge surprise, given they started the night with two first round picks. But the maneuvering process to their final slots last night (No. 10 and No. 17) had surprises laced throughout.

But it was the second trade that shocked the entire fanbase. We all knew the Vikings were targeting a QB at the top of the draft and most of us were happy to see they didn’t have to surrender a bunch of 1st rounders to land one of their guys, in JJ McCarthy.

Kevin O’Connell’s shocked face after Minnesota Vikings traded for Dallas Turner was priceless

But when general manager Kwesi Adofo-Mensah used that saved first rounder to move back up again, and draft EDGE Dallas Turner, we were all taken aback… including Minnesota head coach, Kevin O’Connell.

In a draft room video of the moments leading up to the Vikings trading up and drafting Turner, Kwesi turns to KOC and tells him, “we’re moving up for Turner”. O’Connell’s reaction is absolutely priceless. Much like the rest of us, he looks like a kid whose parents just told him Christmas came early this year.

Many thought the Minnesota Vikings would have to break into the top-5 to draft JJ McCarthy. Instead, they only needing to move up one slot to keep Denver at bay, in part thanks to the Atlanta Falcons making a shocking selection at No. 8, in Michael Penix Jr.

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Then, about 45 minutes later, when many thought general manager Kwesi Adofo-Mensah was getting ready to trade back, from No. 23 overall, in order to gain draft picks they do not have in the 2nd round, he went the opposite and traded up again.

This time, No. 17 was his new slot (up from No. 23) and the target was Alabama EDGE rusher, Dallas Turner, who many believe was the best defensive player in last night’s first round.

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