Dallas Turner Would Rather Invest His Money Than Spend It

Dallas Turner, Minnesota Vikings
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During the 2024 NFL Draft the Minnesota Vikings traded up twice in the 1st round, the second of which moved them from No. 23 to No. 17 where they landed stud Alabama linebacker, Dallas Turner. Not only is their newest pass rusher a freak athlete, though, this kid is smart, especially when it comes to money.

New Minnesota Vikings pass rusher doesn’t spend his money, he invests it

According to his instagram account, Turner has already been investing his NIL money into some interesting places, including F1, a financial strategy that is sure to continue now that his bank account will have even more dollars in it.

“I have a couple equity deals going on right now, but probably F1. I’m already invested in F1, but probably a lot more.”

Dallas Turner on Instagram (via Charley Walters)

But that’s not the only place Dallas Turner is putting his money. He’s also investing in eSports and… sailing? That’s right, the Vikings’ 1st round draft pick has joined other NFL players including DeAndre Hopkins and Roquan Smith — along with USA soccer star Jozy Altidore and heavyweight boxer Deontay Wilder — in purchasing a US Sail GP team.

Turner’s sailing squad competes in the SailGP International sailing league. The next SailGP competition takes place in Halifax Nova Scotia on June 1 and 2, if you’re interested in jumping the border to support one of our newest Vikings family members.

Where does Dallas Turner get his investment knowledge?

Dallas Turner, Minnesota Vikings
Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Where does his knowledge of investing this young come in, some might ask? According to an interview that Turner did with On3.com, it comes from his father, Delon, who was a wealth manager on Wall Street when Turner was growing up.

“Seeing him and how he handled his business and the hard work he put in inspired me to get my feet wet in business when the opportunity presented itself.”

Dallas Turner on his financial investment knowledge (via On3.com)

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Not everyone at the ripe age of 21, is going to be smart enough to put his money into investments. He hasn’t even taken a snap with the Vikings, and I am already impressed with this young man.

He’s not just a football player. Let’s call him a young professional football businessman (and hopefully, a future Super Bowl winner with the Minnesota Vikings too).

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