Minnesota Twins Players are Starting to Trickle into Fort Myers for 2024 Spring Training

Photo: Bailey Smith (@TheBaileySmith - X)

It’s that time of year, again. Warm weather and outdoor baseball games are right around the corner. How do I know? While some may trust an intrusive rodent to tell them when spring is near, baseball fans prefer a much more modern and scientifically proven approach to turning their internal calendar pages, come February.

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And on Tuesday morning, it happened. The first Spring Training tweet of the year arrived and it was beautiful. In fact, I haven’t stopped smiling since I saw it. The tweet always looks something like this, but you’ll see Do-Hyoung Park (MLB.com) uses a slightly different, more personalized template.

  • Generic opening tweet to Spring Training: ‘Pitchers and catchers don’t report until _______ but ________, ________ and ________ are already here and getting work in’

Just like the first Christmas ornament that gets pulled out of the storage bin at the end of every November; when Twins beat reporters dig this patented first spring training tweet out every year and dust it off — maybe paint in some family changes that happened since last February — you can literally feel the physical season start to change.

Spring training tweets warm Minnesota Twins fans’ souls

As a baseball fan living in Minnesota, spring training tweets are what brings the first splash of summer warmth to a cold, winterized soul. When you first realize that 6 months of depressingly dull colors and constant darkness really is coming to an end, and sooner rather than later.

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Sure, the Pohlads are still cheap and the Twins have holes to fill on a roster with reduced payroll. But all of those complaints, if only for a minute, can wait. Because today, we are reminded that pitchers and catchers will report for spring training tomorrow; that many players have already arrived in Fort Myers and are working out at Twins facilities.

For the next month, we will be inundated with so much meaningless baseball that this time next month we will look like OD’d spring training addicts begging for the team to fly north so we can take the exhibition needle out of our arms. But we’re not thinking about that right now. Because these first tastes of spring are so good when they hit your lips.

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