Pistons Reportedly Interested in Timberwolves PoBO Tim Connelly

Tim Connelly, Minnesota Twins
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Newsflash: The Minnesota Timberwolves are pretty damn good. After taking plenty of heat following a disappointing first season on the job, Timberwolves president of basketball operations, Tim Connelly, is now a wanted man again.

A year ago, the Detroit Pistons had the NBA’s worst record, with an embarrassing 17-65 mark. So, the front office responded by hiring Monty Williams to a six-year, $78.5 million contract, making him the highest-paid head coach in the NBA. Technically, San Antonio’s Gregg Popovich makes more, but he also acts as the team’s GM.

The Pistons hired Williams to help a young roster leap forward. Instead, they somehow got worse (14-68), even though phenom talent Cade Cunningham played 62 games, 50 more than he did last year. So now, the Pistons are even more desperate and hiring another head coach doesn’t seem to be an option they are seriously considering (again).

Detroit Pistons Eyeing Minnesota Timberwolves’ PoBO Tim Connelly

Instead, according to NBA insider Marc Stein, the Pistons want to hire Tim Connelly, should the Minnesota Timberwolves PoBO trigger the reported opt-out clause in his contract.

“The Pistons, I’m told, would naturally have interest in Timberwolves lead executive Tim Connelly in the event that Connelly was moved to use the opt-out clause in his Minnesota contract at season’s end.”

Marc Stein on Pistons’ interest in Tim Connelly

Sure, the Pistons may want to hire Connelly, but it doesn’t mean that they can. There’s no indication that Connelly has any interest in leaving Minnesota any time soon, though there has been some concern around town that he could choose to opt out if Marc Lore is not able or allowed to complete his majority purchase of the Timberwolves organization.

The chance to build a team currently stuck in the doldrums into an instant contender could be alluring for Connelly again, and maybe the Timberwolves’ ownership situation has caused turmoil, but he’s also on a very rewarding five-year, $40 million contract in Minnesota and there have been NO reports that he is unhappy in any way. And the job isn’t done yet.

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Still, there’s a reason why this report leaked out, and it won’t be the last. Many teams will want Tim Connelly to know that they are thinking about him when they go to bed at night. That they too are dreaming of paying him A LOT of money, if he is interested in exploring his options.

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