Timberwolves Needed Emergency Approval to Wear Classic Jerseys in Game 7 vs Nuggets

Anthony Edwards, Minnesota Timberwolves
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For the first time in 20 years, the Minnesota Timberwolves are heading to the Western Conference Finals, marking only the second time in the team’s history. This achievement comes on the heels of a remarkable Game 7, where they overcame a 20-point deficit to defeat the Denver Nuggets.

Not only did they win, but they did so in spectacular fashion, donning their classic-inspired jerseys that have quickly become a fan favorite. These jerseys, with their sleek and nostalgic design, are drawing widespread praise, with some enthusiasts claiming they are the cleanest and most stylish in the entire NBA.

Minnesota Timberwolves classic whites – Permission granted

Just before the series started, the Timberwolves announced their jersey schedule, revealing that they would only wear their classic jerseys in one game—Game 6, if that many games were necessary.

According to Jon Krawczynski (The Athletic), it’s not as simple as just wearing whatever jersey a team wants, as long as it is opposite of what the home team chooses. During the playoffs, teams must coordinate with the NBA before each series. Alternate uniforms are apparently frowned upon and need special permission to wear.

After winning that do-or-die contest, the Wolves wanted to wear the classic whites again. But to do so, they had to request approval from the league, something that normally isn’t allowed, especially under emergency, last-minute circumstances like this. But… permission granted.

The NBA typically wants teams to avoid using throwback jerseys in the playoffs. But the Timberwolves got a waiver to wear them for Game 6, and after blasting the Nuggets by 45 points to even the series at 3-3, they were granted permission to wear them again.

Jon Krawczynski – The Athletic

It’s amusing to note that the Timberwolves have a perfect record this postseason when donning their classic white jerseys. They secured victories against the Phoenix Suns in both games one and two while sporting the classic whites. Now, after triumphing in games six and seven as well, their record in these jerseys stands at an impeccable 4-0 this postseason.

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It’ll be exciting to see which jerseys they choose for the Western Conference Finals. After receiving so much praise for their classic designs, it won’t be long before we find out what they’ll be wearing next.

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