Minnesota Strikes Again: Zack Annexstad Out Indefinitely w/Foot Injury

Teammates surround Minnesota quarterback Zack Annexstad as he reacts after turning over the ball on downs to Maryland in the second half of an NCAA college football game, Saturday, Sept. 22, 2018, in College Park, Md. Maryland won 42-13. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)
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And just when you think your team or program is on the rise, Minnesota reminds you that…. this is Minnesota. 

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As much as PJ Fleck and I want to force this state into changing its culture, sometimes you just have to wonder what the fuck is really happening behind the veil of this thing we call life… It doesn’t look like there is a QB battle at the University of Minnesota anymore. Zack Annexstad is out with a foot injury and the way it’s being relayed, the injury must be bad. Like, out for the season bad.

It’s Teddy 2.0… 

I feel bad for Zack. It’s a tough break and throws him into a major spin cycle of QB’s that will be growing while he is recovering. Tanner Morgan will be the clear starter for 2019, as long as Annexstad is out. Beyond 2019, you have Jacob Clark and Cole Kramer, who I am now worried may have to be used in 2019, which would not be ideal. That’s before Athan Kaliakmanis enters the fold in 2021.

As for where this leaves the Gophers, it leaves them with Tanner Morgan. Tanner is more than capable but the offense will be less down the field now. He just doesn’t have the arm that Annexstad has. That means Johnson and Bateman won’t be used to their max abilities. 

That doesn’t mean that this team can’t be successful. They won a lot of games last year with Tanner Morgan and he has the personality of a leader. He’s going to scramble and he’s going to make something out of nothing at times. I’d also expect a lot more of the run game and read options. The Gophers run read options with Annexstad too but now they’ll just run a few more where the QB takes off.

I still think the Gophers can compete in the West and can get to 9-10 wins. But, those games against Iowa, Nebraska, Purdue, etc… worry me a bit more. 

Not to mention the fact that we are now just one QB injury away from being in a lot more trouble….

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan


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