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MSF Daily – 7/26/17

Pitino gets another top MN 2018 Recruit – Gabe Kalscheur:

Richard Pitino is on fire lately and he just stole my heart again when he was able to secure DeLaSalle Sharpshooter: Gabe Kalscheur. That gives the Gophers a top National recruiting class, ALL FROM MN. Read our full story here: http://wp.me/p8zQ5N-xK


Timberwolves not just ON Kyrie’s list of preferred teams, BUT AT THE TOP:

The reports continue to fly around with Kyrie Irving and… well everything. Everything between he and LeBron, he and the Caveliers, he and his “preferred teams” etc. One thing that continues to be a constant, is that the Wolves are one of the top candidates to land him. This really shouldn’t be that surprising since the Wolves have the most pieces, and a roster that a star would love to play on.

But I’ve mentioned it before and will again: THIS IS MINNESOTA. It is hard for us to wrap our near-canadian heads around the idea of top stars wanting to come here in ANY sport, let alone the NBA.  You know, where it is F****** COLD HERE ALL SEASON LONG! I am hoping to update our Kyrie story in the morning. Until then, here is the latest from the StarTribune and Bleacher Report.


Vikings’ Training Camp just getting started:

Today was day 2 of Vikings training camp and I have heard a little about Bucky Hodges impressing along with Treadwell.  Both of those guys are picked to be top performers in camp. I can’t wait to hear all the stories about who looks good and who looks shitty when everyone gets there. We will have some coverage and articles soon on the Vikings as Training Camp gets going. Until then, here are some stories from outlets around MN:

Ben Goessling – ESPN – Zimmer Expects Teddy to Start on PUP List

Vikings.com Day 2 Highlights (VIDEO)

Andrew Kramer – StarTribune – A Conversation with Dalvin Cook

B1G Media Day may have thought it was ready for PJ Fleck, but it wasn’t:

PJ Fleck took the B1G Media by storm today. Here are some of the best tweets and a story from the StarTribune:


The Twins are tied with the Dodgers right now as the teams head to the 3rd 0-0:

Berrios has a scoreless 3.1 innings to start the game but has already thrown 44 pitches. He seems to be having issues missing bats.

The Dodgers got to Berrios in the 4th inning, putting up 4 runs. The Twins came back in the 5th and got 1 back. Rosario hit one to the gap that was caught for the 3rd out. The Twins had runners on 2nd and 3rd. Gotta cash in on those against this team.

The Dodgers Pitcher, Maeda, takes forever between pitches and is probably the worst most agonizing pitcher I have ever watched throw a ball from the mound. So Brutal.

Twins are in the bottom of the 5th now, down 4-2.

The Twins gave up 2 more runs in the 6th inning, after a long delay, to beat the Twins 6-2.

Molitor pulled a double switch which is apparently the most complicated move in baseball.  The umpires spent the next 20 minutes trying to figure out who was supposed to be in the field and who wasn’t. It was a frustrating night for both fans and the Team.

After the delay and after the game, the Twins emerged with a below-.500 record for the first time since April 28th when they were 11-11. Since then, the Twins have played better than most expected. Unfortunately, they now sit behind the Royals by a full 4 games and it is going to be an uphill battle.

A win in the final game of the series in LA would go a long way before the Twins start a stretch of 3 series where they will play against teams who are under .500. Every time, this year, when the Twins have been faced with adversity, they have pulled through to surprise us and put themselves back on track.

They will need to do that again… and soon. Here is the full recap from Twins Daily.

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