MINNESOTA SPORTS FAN DAILY: Tuesday, August 22, 2017

MSF Daily: 8/22/17

Twins @ White Sox in Double-Header:

Game 1

The first of the two games this evening started a little after 4 PM. The Twins jumped on the board early while their rookie starters struggled.  That wasn’t a typo. I said starters. Dozier scored off an Escobar single, in the first, after he walked.

Tim Melville started the game. He struggled out of the gate in his Twins’ debut, giving up 2 runs in the 1st. The score would stay like that until the 4th. Melville would get 1 out before being pulled for another Twins’ rookie, who made his debut earlier this season, Nik Turley. He came in after Melville gave up a 3 run HR.

Turley would give up 2 more in the 5th to make it a 7-1 game and the Twins looked like they were done.

Rosario would hit Mauer in off of a SAC Fly in the 6th. Buxton would do the same in the 7th, scoring Polanco. In the 8th inning, Rosario and Vargas would get on base for Polanco who has been on a hot streak (the video has a sweet turn Polanco had earlier in the game before):

Polanco’s HR would bring it to just a 1-run game, heading to the 9th. Unfortunately, that is where it would stay as the Twins weren’t able to get another in the 9th, and they would go down in game 1 of 2 on Monday night.

Game 2

The late game hitting in game 1 would transfer pretty quickly to game 2.

The Twins would go quickly in the 1st (just 7 pitches), but would open things up own the 2nd.

First, Vargas and Buxton would get on for Polanco with 1 out:

Polanco’s hands right now are just fun to watch. They get through the strike zone so fast. It allows him to recognize an inside fastball and still get around on it to smash like he did with this one. I could just watch it over and over again.

BUT, not to be outdone, Brian Dozier would come up with the same situation later in the inning:

The Twins added one more with a run scoring from 3rd on a double-play with nobody out.

And Buxton, right as this was ready to go out, hit another HR:

Then, I waited long enough to watch Chicago get 1 back with a HR of their own. 8-1 in the bottom of the 5th.

There wasn’t any drama at the end of the game. Castro would hit another home run in the 6th, making it 9-1. Gimenez would single home Castro in the 8th to give the Twins all 10 of their runs. In the 9th, the White Sox hit a home run against Tyler Duffey who earned a 3-inning save and gave up just that homer in his time on the bump.

You can see all the stats and advanced analytics at TwinsDaily.com.

The Twins will continue in Chicago tonight. Kyle Gibson will take the mound against Lucas Giolito at 7:10 PM.

Rumors swirled on Twitter all day about Teddy being cleared to practice:

After this tweet last night, Twitter was on fire all day.

What is Really Going on with Teddy Bridgewater?

Ryan Boser isn’t a random fan tweeting. He has legitimacy to him but we haven’t seen any reports come from anywhere else so we are still watching. You can get fully caught up with us here. Check back as well. This will be a live blog with updates to everything we hear on Teddy.

Remember, even if Teddy comes back, it is going to take poor play from Bradford OR and injury for us to see Bridgewater on the field. You don’t need to hate Sam if you love Teddy and visa versa. At the end of the day, we love these QB’s because we love our purple. We will cheer our drinks all over the people in front of us no matter who throws the touchdowns.

Wondering what the Wild lines will look like after the Cullen signing?

Russo has made his Wild Lines for the upcoming season.

As Russo notes, there is no money left to make any moves after Foligno resigns. So this is your team.


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